Why Restaurant Meet up Is Important for First Date with Sugar Baby

First dates are very important in sugar daddy dating. A busy sugar daddy doesn’t have a lot of time to impress a prospective sugar baby. With this logic a sugar baby also doesn’t have a lot of time to impress a prospective sugar daddy. In this short time frame, the first date is very important.

If the date doesn’t work out he has to work around his schedule to find another sugar babe and she also has to wait around till another potential sugar daddy has the time for her.

The restaurant meet up is a great choice for the first date. It is conventional, classy and most importantly intimate. With this low margin of error both newbie and experienced sugar dates may need help.

CHOICE OF LOCATION: choice this wisely, remember this is the beginning of your arrangement. Choose somewhere you can both enjoy and still have a conversation. Don’t be cheap, take your sugar baby where she won’t visit on a normal day, probably because she can’t afford to.

DRESS TO IMPRESS: you are on a date and you want your sugar baby to find you attractive. Your selling point is wealth and status, dress to portray this.

BE GENTLEMANLY: be well behave and respectful. The sugar baby is a human being. Don’t force her into anything and don’t make her uncomfortable.

Don’t ignore your sugar date, you have been working hard, have fun with her. Treat other people especially the restaurant workers well as this will inform her about your personality. It’s not just about the money. Remember your table manners. Don’t get drunk.

BRING UP THE ARRANGEMENT: your sugar baby won’t start this conversation just yet because she knows how it will look. Society wants men to be proactive so as the sugar daddy you should start this conversation. Tell her the terms.

State your needs and requirements, tell her your interests. Make sure you reach an agreement.

DON’T TRY TO HARD: be genuine, don’t lie. Don’t offer her too much as she may think you are lying. You can negotiate because she has already taken the first step by coming on this date. There is no point in claiming to be worth more than you actually are, since this will just make her demand more money from you

MONEY: you brought your sugar baby on a not so cheap date, sure that should be enough for the first time right? Think again a tip for the waiter and some change for her will go a long way. She also spent money for this date.