Risks of Being an Online-Only Sugar Baby

Today, the sugar dating world is painted with all bright colors to give young ladies the impression that it is all glam and fun down here. When, in reality, sugar daddy dating comes with a ton of cons and risks.

Beinga sugar baby sounds pleasing when you consider all the amazing perks involved. The fun, adventures, money, shopping, etc. It feels like the perfect way out to get all you ever wanted without having to sweat for it. It is no wonder young girls, including college students crawl their way through several arrangementdating sites in a bid to land a big pot. But, is that all there is to it?

Absolutely not! Being a sugar baby is not all fun and roses. It comes with its own risks and disadvantages. Whether you decide to do the offline sugar dating or online sugar dating, you still stand a couple of risks that could be worse than the freebies you get. But, that is my opinion though. If you believe the pros are much better compared to the cons, then sugar baby dating might just be for you.

Before you sign up for a sugar baby site to start looking for a sugar daddy, it is critical to take a look at these risks and drawbacks of living the sugar life.

1.  Physical and Sexual Assault
Although most sugar daddy websites advertise that you wield the power to decide whether or not you need sex on the table, in reality, you actually have little or no control over what happens in the relationship. Let’s face reality, these men spend tons of dollars on you. Do you actually believe all they want is your companionship? True, you can get lucky and land one who would respect the ‘No Sex’ clause, however, it is essential you know that these men are very few in the sugar daddy pool. A greater percentage of sugar daddies believe they bought you with their money, as such, they have the right to do whatever they see fit with you and this includes physical and sexual assault. During an interview, a former sugar baby narrated how she was raped by her sugar daddy who believes he deserves sex for all the money he is spending on her.

2.  Lose Sense of Self
Young college students make up a huge bulk of the sugar babies in most sugar baby sites. In a bid to pay off college loans or live the flamboyant lifestyle that they have always wanted, these young girls resolve to depending on an older man to foot their bills. Neglecting the fact that this is a crucial stage in their life and their choices at this stage will go a long way to affect them later down the road. Instead of building themselves, they end up losing sense of who they are because they never really lived their lives. They spend their time with other men who have just money to provide, instead of their age group. This kind of relationship totally affects the way they view life. Their self esteem is also crushed due to the type of dependent relationship they get themselves into.

3.  Compelled to Perform Some Sexual Act
Choosing to be an online-only sugar baby doesn’t really help.   You may think you are out of the woods, but truth is – you are not. Most sugar daddies will not agree to online-only relationship and the few who agree to such conditions ensures the sugar babies perform some sexual act online. He may ask for a naked Live chat over Skype or ask you to masturbate Live. Some go as far asking for nude photos or capturing your sex acts online. They always find a way to get what they paid for. It is never free!

4.  Emotional Baggage
This point is an extension of point #2. Young ladies who spend their youth with older men and completely dependent on these men end up an emotional wreck in the future. They have invested so much time into a relationship that lacks emotion, making them almost numb to these emotions when they eventually want to find true love. Their self esteem is way too low due to long dependency and the assaults they were subjected to give them a wrong impression of the male folk. It is not uncommon to see hardcore sugar babies spending months or years in therapy as they age.