5 Rules of Sugar Dating Relationships

Have you decided to venture into Sugar daddy dating? Not so fast. There is more to Sugar dating than meets the eyes. There are lots of stories of how Sugar dating is equivalent to prostitution or escorts. This is grossly inaccurate and does a disservice to the profession of Sugar dating.

As with every profession or business venture, there are rules and guidelines which should be adhered to in order to achieve the required results. Sugar dating is no different in this regard. There are several rules that a Sugar baby should adhere to so as to have a successful dating. I have compiled five of these rules for you. Take a look at them to ensure you have a successful sugar dating.

Be Discrete: Sugar daddies are often rich and influential men, and as such would value their privacy. Some Sugar babies make the mistake of posting pictures of their Sugar daddies on social media as a means of showing their peers and friends that they are living the good life. Unless you and your Sugar daddy agree on this, on no account should you post pictures of you and your Sugar daddy on social media.

Prepare For The Worst: As is a fact of life, everything that has a beginning also has an end. Sugar dating is a contractual agreement, and as such, it can be terminated at any time. It is wise for you to have other sources of income in case of a split from your Sugar daddy. Having other sources of income also ensures that you are not completely reliant on your Sugar daddy. This helps to boost your self-confidence and earns you respect from your Sugar daddy.

Honor Your Agreements: It is usually pleasing to have people honor agreements they willingly entered. You should never renege on any agreement made with your Sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are usually important people or people of influence, it is therefore expected of you to honor any and every agreement made with your Sugar daddy. In situations where your Sugar daddy reneges on the agreement the both of you had, such as not paying you as at when due or not presenting gifts to you as promised, consider it a red flag and act accordingly.

Never Drop Your Guard: It is a common phenomenon for people in relationships to drop their guard. This is a consequence of being too comfortable with their partners. As a Sugar baby, you should never get too comfortable with your Sugar daddy. The reason is; Sugar dating is not the same as your normal relationship dating. Your Sugar daddy is not necessarily with you because he loves you; he just wants a top-notch companion. And that is all you should ever strive to be. Always dress in a way that will be pleasing to his eyes and be on your best behavior.

Be Patient: There is a saying that “Nothing good comes easy” and this adage applies to Sugar dating. Getting a suitable Sugar daddy might take quite a while. You may have to go on several dates before you find the right Sugar daddy. Do not be wary, for persistence is the key. Interact with as many potential Sugar daddies as required until you find the right one. Cheers!