Etiquette for Sugar Baby When Dating in A Restarant

Maybe you often go to upscale restaurants, but we are sure that you have never kept your eyes on the restaurant etiquette. After all, you just want to show your charm and attraction to your sugar daddy or potential sugar daddy so that get a more steady arrangement relationship with him. Now, here are some advice about the etiquette of sugar daddy dating in a restaurant.

How to dress
Just like any other date, it is necessary to know clearly what to wear, especially go to dinner in a upscale restaurant. Because it is not allowed to dine if you just wear jeans or some other casual uniform. When you are going on a date with sugar daddy for the first time, it is very embarrassing if you can not enter into the restaurant just because of your dress. If you are new to arrangement dating, a right dress up that could help you convey some information to your sugar daddy that you want to express. Besides, you also need to let your sugar daddy know you are a sweet sugar baby worth spoiling on face.

Make up
Make sure that your hair and makeup are match for the outfit. Remember that don't wear too much make-up, most sugar daddies, in fact, prefer a sugar baby with natural appearance. So if you want to do some makeup, just a little concealer, a light dusting of powder, simple eye makeup, mascara and lipstick, make yourself look as natural as possible. Although you won't painted with exquisite makeup, you are not be thrown out of the restaurant. But most importantly, you'll be attractive to your sugar daddy and get respect from him.

You can take one or two small accessories to go along with your outfit, it doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Plus, make sure your phone is on silent or turned off especially when you are dating a sugar daddy at the first time. It is impolite, if you text your friends when talking to him. The purpose of you dating a rich man is that let him know what a kind of girl you are, and stimulate his mind with conversation. Furthermore, let him know that you always keep eyes on him, and want a deeper contact with him.

Table manners
Good table manners could leave a great well impression on your date. Maybe you have learned the traditional dining rules before, napkin on your lap, take small bites, no talking, and be polite to the wait staff. Don't drink over although it is perfectly acceptable to drink on any date. What's more, it is a bad form at a nice restaurant when getting sloppy drunk. Even if you can be in full control of yourself when drinking too much, it may be a major turning point on a date with sugar daddy. Remember that you are dating a sugar daddy, show the grace and charm that are prior things. If you are the type of lady who gets drunk on a date, your sugar daddy may think you are not worthy of luxury lifestyle and you may also won't treat the relationship seriously.

Keep the thing in your mind that your sugar daddy invite you to have dinner together in a fancy restaurant, and he will pay for it. So don't order too much, waste is not good. In addition, ask your sugar daddy if there is anything to avoid when you are ordering. Anyway, you need to consider the hobby of your sugar daddy.

Leave the restaurant
If it is the first date for you, give a heartfelt hug to your sugar daddy. It is not recommended that have sex on the first date, if you want to know more about your sugar daddy, why not let him know you are classy sugar baby who doesn't hook up with anyone, and you'll take the relationship seriously between of you.