How to Recognize a Fake Sugar Daddy While Dating Online?

The dating scene nowadays is completely different than what our grandparents probably experienced. Before, you would usually meet first eye-to-eye before deciding if that person is date-worthy. Today, you can find a potential date at a touch of a button. Likewise, sugar daddy online dating is not a new concept either.

There’s no age limit in dating. After all, “love knows no age” as the saying goes. Many women have most probably experienced to date a sugar daddy. However, having to meet a sugar daddy in person can be quite intimidating at first, but it may lead to something more romantic and long-lasting in the end.

It’s not bad to date a sugar daddy, as these men may actually be the one for you despite the age gap. However, knowing how the dating scene works, one should be wary of the following signs that your sugar daddy is the one for keeps. Anything that contradicts the signs below should serve as a warning to you:

1. He tells the truth, and he has evidence to prove it
Your “sugar daddy” tells you he’s on an official business trip somewhere. If he is a legitimate sugar daddy, he should have sent you photos during his trip, as well as updates of what he’s been up to for the day, and even the people he meets there. He should have given you some local souvenirs when he gets home from his trip, too.

2. It’s not all about the expensive cars, it’s the real estate that counts
Your sugar daddy may have shown you some of his luxury cars. The question is, are those really his? Who knows if those cars are only borrowed or rented for the weekend? To determine whether your sugar daddy is a legitimate one, you should check out his entire real estate, including his property and improvements currently ongoing, and the location of said property. He should also be able to show you contacts with real estate firms, construction companies, and other property-related firms.

3. Know how he spends his cash
A sugar daddy should be able to buy whatever you wish, whether it’s an expensive dress, a nice watch, or an elegant dinner in a five-star restaurant. In hindsight, some sugar daddies may not be extravagant in spending. Nevertheless, a legitimate sugar daddy should not show any hesitations when it comes to spending cash.

4. He doesn’t pressure you to get naked with him
A real sugar daddy is looking for more than just a one-night stand. He’s a man, too, who wants someone to take him seriously despite his extravagant wealth. In return, sugar babies need to realize that. After all, a worthwhile and long-lasting relationship with the person you love should matter more than any kind of wealth in the world.